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           Stages of ISO consultancy


Discussion. Contract. Planning.
Signing the contract.
It established goals and processes necessary to obtain results in accordance with standard requirements, customers and policy organization.

Diagnostic analysis. Diagnostic Audit Report.

Analyze company performance compared with the standard requirements before beginning the process of consulting.
Identification procedures, human resources and materials, of working situations and non-compliant situations existing company, compared to the standard requirements chosen.
Applying a system of consulting appropriate raising your company standard.

Management training.
Organizes training for top management and employees to have their input at the highest level in implementing the standard.

Design documentation.
Defining management system documents
Quality Manual
Internal procedures
Work Instructions
Responsible for processes

Implementation through the documents produced in previous stage of the new management system will receive assistance from Prestige Management consultant at the company headquarters.
Implementation is accomplished by training employees on new procedures and instructions.

Internal Audit.
The audit will be performed under the guidance of the consultant and is aimed at tracking compliance with all requirements of the standard implemented.

Audit of pre-certification.
The audit is to remedy past situations inconsistent.

Assistance for certification.
Customer orientation to a certification body.
Permanent support for certification.

Support post-certification.
Assistance to continue improving the system.



Servicii de consultanta pentru certificarea: ISO 9001.ISO 14001.OHSAS 18001.ISO 27001.ISO 22000.CE.

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