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European and international legislation regarding the production of food provides for the application in all units involved in the production, transport, storage and serving food to the principles of a system of quality hygiene-based assessment and risk prevention which is actually the HACCP ( HAZARD ANALYSIS. CRITICAL CONTROL POINTS) => Risk Analysis. Critical Control Points.

 HACCP is a valuable approach to the hygienic quality of food products, an effective means of ensuring the safety of products, allowing insurance against total bacterial contamination with pathogenic viruses, against toxins and chemical hazards that could cause illness to consumers.

Need implementation of law:

H.G. 1198/2002 - food control
LAW 150/2004 - food safety
Directive 2001/471 - principles of HACCP
ORDIN NR. 1956 din 18 octombrie 1995- aplicare sistemului HACCP.
European standards of hygiene (EN 29000)
European Community Directive 93/43 - on the hygiene of foodstuffs

HACCP rules and laws are aimed at companies that produce and sell food and equipment for the food industry, distribution of food, gastronomy companies, their suppliers and even the packaging.

Benefits of implementing HACCP:
o       demonstrate compliance with specific legislation in force
o       contribute to reducing the number of non-conforming products and handling customer complaints
o       increase the confidence of customers and employees in its ability to make products safe for consumption in a cost
o       identify risks in food safety
o       providing final products safe to use the final consumer
o       prevent problems that may arise for ensuring the integration of modern procedures of risk analysis and the concept of prevention in terms of consumer health protection in the existing management system
o       help companies in the food industry to become competitive on the international market


HACCP principles
HACCP method is based on 8 principles, namely:
1) Analysis of potential risks (biological, physical, chemical) that includes:
2) Determining Critical Control Points (PCC);
3) Establishing critical limits to be respected to keep under control every critical control point determined;
4) Setting up a monitoring system to ensure effective control of critical control points;
5) Establishing corrective actions to be implemented when the monitoring system indicates that appeared a deviation from the critical set (when a PCC is out of control);
6) Setting specific tests and procedures intended to confirm if the HACCP system is working as planned and whether the HACCP plan guaranteed security HACCP food produced.
7) Establish procedures for verification of the actual operation of HACCP system;
8) Setting specific tests and procedures intended to confirm if the HACCP system is working as planned and whether the HACCP plan guaranteed security HACCP food produced.


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