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Consulting ISO 27001
What is ISO 27001?

International Organization for Standardization has published a new standard ISO / IEC 27001:2005 systems for information security management.

The standard specifies the processes necessary for companies to implement, monitor, review maintain and improve a system of management information.

This standard set unitary form a standard ISO/17799: 2005 on the management of information security.

Information security must be linked to all aspects of data protection regardless of the form in which the magnetic, optical, paper.

ISO 27001 is aligned with both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 together with forming an integrated system management.


Why you need ISO 27001 certification?

Implementation and certification of a system of information security management is a strategic decision to use the organizations, as guarantee information security company certified as well as information to customers and business partners.

The system offers recommendations for tackling the risk information, identify the types of threats and direct way to approach the methods of protection to safeguard the survival of your company

Provides managers better control over the flow of information from the organization certified.

Are identified and kept under better control risks that may affect the activity of the company.

Offers customers and business partners increased confidence in the organization certified.

The possibility of meeting all conditions of eligibility at auctions where SISM certification is a criterion.

A picture and best on the market before the competition.


Who is addressed?

The standard is aimed at organizations of various areas: trade, services, transport, financial, insurance, telecommunications.

     Any organization that considers that the information that comes into contact must be protected, where the need for such a management system by which to keep under control all the risks.

Such certification is a card that can not be pardon by all business partners or clients.


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