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Consulting ISO 14001

ISO 14001 standard is the basic systems for environmental management series of standards ISO 14000. The environmental management system proposed by the ISO 14001 standard is an instrument by those organizations to better manage environmental problems that confront it.

The standard applies to all organizations wishing to improve a number of issues relating to environmental protection and pollution prevention in a social economy.

Benefits of implementing ISO 14001

- Improving the environmental performance of the organization
- The reduction of several types of costs (environmental, operating insurance)
- Reduce the risk of accidents and environmental incidents
- Reducing environmental pollution and risk of pollution
- Creating competitive advantages and improve market position
- Facility compliance with legislative
- Increase credibility towards our clients and the associative
- Reducing consumption of raw materials and energy
- Identify market opportunities created by ecological
- Providing planning time, gradual and support, costs for environmental action
- Improving overall management and organizational performance


The purpose of implementing

Fully implement the requirements of the ISO 14001 standard and bringing the environmental management system at the certificate.

Compliance with rules on the environment imposed by the European Community for all organizations.

An EMS certificate is an asset management organization in the relationship with the authorities.

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